WWF Statement on the US Presidential Election #ClimateChange

In response to the US elections, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) released the following statement from President and CEO Carter Roberts:

“The presidency may be changing, but the threats posed by runaway climate change and unsustainable resource-use remain.

“We urge the President-elect to accelerate the transition to renewable energy and to honor the commitments we’ve made to solve the climate crisis and to conserve the world’s oceans, forests and species. Large-scale investments in conservation and renewable energy and breakthroughs in sustainability will spur innovation, create thousands of good paying jobs, and reduce the emissions fueling climate change.

“President-elect Trump pledged to make America safer. At a time when seas are rising and climate-driven superstorms pummel our cities with increasing regularity, ambitious climate action is necessary to deliver on that promise.

“We know that global security and the world’s livelihoods depend on keeping intact those natural resources, including our climate, upon which we depend. For our part, we will continue to engage all the countries in the world, as well as America’s families, cities, states, businesses, and federal government to build bridges, and to fight, for the meaningful change we need, and for the planet that is our home.”


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