Wyoming's Disastrous Wolf Management Plan

Anti-predator sentiments have been responsible for wiping out much of the
gray wolf population throughout the U.S. In Wyoming, the gray wolf
population has just begun to bounce back, but the Wyoming Game and Fish
Department's recently-released"Gray Wolf Management Plan"is almost
certain to undo those gains.

Under the plan, which would guide wolf
management once federal protections under the Endangered Species Act are
removed, the gray wolf would be classified in Wyoming as a"predatory
animal"in much of the state and a"trophy game animal"in the rest of the
state. The predatory animal designation would mean that an unlimited
number of wolves could be killed by recreational hunting or trapping, or
for protection of private property. The trophy game animal designation in
other parts of the state would allow for regulation of the number of
wolves killed in those areas via sport hunting and trapping.


The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is accepting public comments on its
Gray Wolf Management Plan until Thursday, December 12th. Send your
comments expressing your concerns to:

Wolf Plan
Wyoming Game & Fish Department
5400 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82006
email: wgfwolf@wgf.state.wy.us

For more information and talking points on the Gray Wolf Management Plan,
go to: http://www.hsus.org/ace/15757

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