A Week at Farm Sanctuary #AnimalRescue

Celebrating a Favorite Snack, Checking in with Cashew & Jerome, Little Goats Make a Move, and More!

It’s been a busy week (as always!) at our New York Shelter, but our rescued residents took plenty of time out to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy a favorite snack.

Mom Willow and daughter Josie-Mae are enjoying their new pasture!

Clementine hen taking time out to relax.

Honey pig loving Farm Sanctuary life!

Jay steer survived a terrible ordeal before his rescue, and inspires us every day with his strength and resilience.

Ingrid Marie hen loves to explore.

The incredible Hank turkey!

Benedict goat shares a moment with his humanimal friend Mike Cogliano.

Cynthia goat really knows how to strike a pose.

Truffles pig always wears a big smile!

Many of our residents love apples, so imagine their delight when they discovered that Saturday was an extra-special day in the treat department! The third Saturday in September is marked by those in the know as International Eat an Apple Day, and Farm Sanctuary residents from pigs to goats to cattle were happy to get in on the action. Watch them chow down (or, in some cases, turn up their noses) in the video above!

Relaxing With the Pigs

Pigs are masters of relaxation, so they’re a great source of weekend inspiration for those who prefer a nice long nap to a hectic day out.


Andy pig, above, is a fan of both apples and naps, so this week was a particularly good one in his book!


Nearby, Andy’s best pal Joan snoozes peacefully.


Truffles is the undisputed queen of the pig herd, so she gets any sleeping spot she wants, any time she wants it.


It’s good to be queen!


Ellen decided that an outdoor nap was the way to go.



Emily pig rests while her best friend Tim hangs out nearby.


Tim and Emily didn’t fit in well with the main pig herd, but became perfect roommates in a special area just for them, and they’ve never looked back!

Visiting With Jerome and Cashew

As you may recall, Jerome calf recently came to Farm Sanctuary after a worker at a small dairy operation fell in love with the little calf and advocated on his behalf. Rather than being sold at auction for meat, Jerome was able to come to our New York Shelter instead. But he was scared and lonely until we introduced him to mother-son duo Liz & Cashew. Liz adopted Jerome, and now this happy family of three is enjoying Farm Sanctuary life together.


Jerome (left) and Cashew love being brothers.


And Jerome is so happy to have Liz to take care of him. (Of course, she gets all the help she needs from shelter staff.)

Checking In With Valentino

Sweet Valentino steer, who has ongoing leg issues, recently underwent a procedure to clip his tendon to allow his right front leg to straighten properly.


The procedure went well, and Valentino has been healing at home following a short stay at the Nemo Farm Animal Hospital at Cornell University. He’s been resting up, and we expect that he’ll be ready to rejoin his beloved herdmates very soon. Go Valentino!

A Big Move for Two Little Goats

Mother-daughter duo Willow & Josie-Mae came to our New York Shelter in June, making the trip along with their rescuer, Farm Sanctuary Board Member Tracey Stewart. This week, the girls moved into a more spacious new pasture!


Their new place has plenty of room to graze, relax, explore, and play.


Both mom and daughter are thriving at sanctuary and loving their new digs, which also came with a new roommate: the amazing Dotty goat!


Dotty came to us several years ago after being terribly neglected. She was suffering from a parasite infestation and an old leg injury that had been left untreated. Today, she is doing great, and now will get to be a mentor to a little goat with leg challenges of her own.


Josie-Mae doesn’t let her leg issues slow her down or get in the way of her fun.


This special little goat is doing so well, and winning the hearts of all she meets.

A Joke From Chucky Goat

(As you might expect from this dad and father figure, it’s a dad joke.)


Chucky: “Hey, Scott. What do you call a baby goat who knows martial arts?”


Scott lamb: “I don’t know, Chucky, what?”


Chucky: “Karate kid!”

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Beautiful Honey enjoying Farm Sanctuary life.

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