HRC Mourns The Passing of Crystal Edmonds #LGBTQMurders

On September 16th, Baltimore police announced that 32-year old Crystal Edmonds, a transgender woman, died after being fatally shot early Friday morning. At the time of writing, no arrests have been made and authorities are requesting that anyone with information regarding Crystal’s death call the Baltimore police.

Few details are currently available about Crystal, her life, passions, and friends, but what is already clear is that her’s was a life lost far too early: Crystal is at least the 19th transgender person – nearly all transgender women of color – to be killed in 2016.

In Washington, D.C., police arrested a man in connection to the murder of Deeniquia “Dee Dee” Dobbs.  Dee Dee was shot in D.C. in July and was described by those who knew her as someone who “loved to make you laugh. Loved to make you smile.”

The recent passing of Crystal Edmonds serves as a reminder of the urgent crisis of violence facing many transgender people.

To learn more about the realities that conspire to put transgender people — especially transgender women of color — at risk of fatal violence, read HRC’s 2015 Addressing Anti-Transgender Violence report, released in partnership with the Trans People of Color Coalition (TPOCC). The report also details solutions that can be pursued by policymakers, advocates and public and private sector leaders to address this national crisis.

To learn more about HRC’s work to promote safety and well-being for transgender people, visit


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