Begging His Pardon

Amongst all the partisan blather and vindictive verbiage over the Clinton pardons in the mainstream media, one would be hard pressed to find mention of which pardons SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE, but were not. As each and every presidential pardon is exhumed, poked and prodded, and run thru the congressional filters of self-righteous hypocrisy, the U.S. public is left to wonder just how much of crook the former president and the new Senator from New York might be. Our neighbors, for the most part, are NOT thinking about the pardon process itself or the good uses it COULD be put to.

Case in point: Leonard Peltier, for all intents and purposes, framed by the FBI and railroaded into the prison system, has been a prime candidate for a presidential pardon since day one of his incarceration. Since his health has deteriorated in the past year or so, the need for that pardon has only grown more critical. Perhaps the largest effort ever launched in this nation in an attempt to secure a presidential pardon took place during the past six months as countless letters, phone calls, faxes and e-mails deluged the White House. There have been scores, if not hundreds of demonstrations and marches; pleas from high-profile entertainers and activists. Yet, when the final days of the Clinton era ticked off, it seemed all for naught. No pardon for Peltier.

Question: If Slick Willie was willing to stick his neck out on some exceptionally dubious pardons (Mark Rich, et al.), why do we suppose he didn't go the extra mile and actually do a good deed as well? Could it be that the man is actually an ounce short on his humanity? The going theory from these quarters is that the Federales had the goods on ol' Bubba and offered him a deal he could not refuse. But, look what has happened. All Clinton's bogus pardons return to haunt him. The Feds may be all over him anyway. No way out for Bubba this time? Pity he didn't let Leonard out. It would look better in the history books; the books that will surely do a number on Clinton's precious legacy.

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