Cruelty Allegations At Tyson Slaughterhouse

A former employee of a Tyson chicken slaughterhouse in Grannis, Ark. has come forward with allegations of horrific, routine animal cruelty by Tyson employees.

According to the statements made by Virgil Butler, a five-year employee at the Tyson slaughterhouse, named employees routinely tortured birds to death. In some instances, birds were blown apart by dry-ice bombs, were intentionally scalded to death, were chased down and run over with a forklift, or had their legs broken in order to fit them into shackles that were too small. Butler also cites one employee who reportedly would "rip the heads, legs, and wings off live chickens, or just stomp them to death on the floor because he was aggravated." According to Mr. Butler, "these kinds of incidents sometimes led to hours of suffering for chickens with broken legs and wings and were ongoing and repetitive–just a part of a regular night's work."


Contact the Polk County District Attorney's Office and urge them to aggressively investigate, and if the evidence warrants it, prosecute any Tyson employees who participated in animal cruelty at the slaughterhouse.

The Honorable Tim Williamson
Prosecuting Attorney
Polk County Prosecutor's Office
P.O. Drawer 109
600 Port Arthur St.
Mena, AR 71953
Ph: 479-394-6114
Fax: 479-394-6173

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