Dolphins In Danger In La Paz, Mexico

When wild dolphins are captured from

the open sea, they leave a life of nearly endless open space and

opportunity for one of confinement and monotony. Wild dolphins can swim

hundreds of miles a day, dive several hundred feet deep, and often live in

family units, with whom they maintain social bonds throughout their lives.

Their complex social system and wide-roaming nature makes them uniquely

unsuited to life in human captivity, where they are deprived of normal social

interaction and the instinctual need to roam.

Recently, the La Concha

Hotel in La Paz, Mexico constructed a new, commercial “swim with the

dolphin” tank, in order to attract and amuse customers. Several dolphin

biologists who have observed the facility first-hand consider it the worst

they have ever seen – at low tide the water is barely 3 feet deep, a

situation that could easily lead to lethal heat stress in the summer.

There is sewage outflow nearby and loud boats pass by on a regular basis.

Within the last few weeks, eight dolphins were captured off the Baja

Peninsula and transferred to this substandard facility. If they remain in

the La Paz tank, their fate is, at best, a dismal one.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Write to the owner of the facility and ask him to set the

dolphins free and to not capture any more dolphins solely for human


1) FINS: Dolphin Learning Center,

SA DE CV; Dr. Javier

Enriquez Serralde, Director General

Apartado Postal 46

La Paz, BCS


2) Please also cc your letters to

the owner of the hotel, who is leasing the space to Dr. Enriquez:

Mr. Ricardo Perez, Owner,

Hotel La Concha Beach Resort

Rm. 5

Carretera a Pichilingue La Paz

B.C.S., C.P. 23010, Mexico

fax: 619-294-7366


would also be helpful to cc your letters to the Secretary of the

Environment and Natural Resources:

SEMARNAT- Secretaria del Medio Ambientey Recursos Naturales

Lic. Victor Lichtinger Secretario particular:

Mario BaBaƱuelos and Secretaria: Lourdes Castillo
Periferico Sur 4209

Col. Jardines en la MontaƱa
Tlalpan 14210 Mexico DF

Fax: International code 011,
then (52) 5628 0643

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