Down On Main Street, Up On The Hill Nine Out Of Ten Experts Agree: Greed Kills

The story of the greedy pharmacist in Missouri cutting the strength of

cancer fighting drugs to fatten his profit margin serves as yet another

reminder of the failings of bottomline mentality. Apologists for the status

quo love to go on and on about the wonders of the marketplace, but it takes

only a few outrageous examples of profit margins gone berserk to shed light

on the duplicity inherent in the system. Some seemingly intelligent people

would have us believe that greed is simply part of human nature. It’s the

old tooth and claw approach to anthropology, I guess, but we’d be hard

pressed to find many beasts of the jungle behaving like the millionaire in

the white lab coat cutting life-extending drugs to 1% of its intended

strength or politicians trashing the Earth in support of a corporate energy

policy. Contrary to such myopic sentiments, this observer is of the opinion

that it is economic systems based on cutthroat competition, ego

gratification, and materialistic indoctrination that bring the worst out in

us. We are not born greedy. As children our needs and wants are very

limited. It is the society surrounding us that facilitates greed and


The dark side of capitalism seems to take up most of its mass. That mass

has been exposed to the light of day for a very long time. Charles Dickens

made a career out of holding a candle to the bottom-line mentality of 19th

Century greed and avarice. And guess who allegedly said this 2,000 years

ago: “Look out and be on guard against all greed, for one’s life is not made

up of the abundance of his possessions.” The pharmacist, Robert Courtney,

had possessions amounting to $10 million dollars. Apparently that wasn’t

enough to satisfy his hunger. One can’t help but wonder what was going

through the man’s mind. It’s said that he may have justified his actions by

cutting drugs for only extremely terminally ill patients. How terribly fair

of him.

The corporados who wrote, directed, and starred in the Bush energy policy

that is about to go before the US Senate (having already passed in the

House), seem to be of the opinion that the Earth itself is one of their

possessions. As such, they propose trashing the daylights out of it

(literally!) in order to maintain, if not extend, a way of life that is the

epitome of mindless greed to the majority of the world’s population. What a

sorry spectacle theAdministration and Congress present as the whole world

watches. Readers would do well to make every effort to stop this disastrous

piece of legislation dead in its tracks (see below).

Not quite as disturbing as these stories, but equally telling, is how

the corporate media is portraying them. Once again, extravagantly greedy

behavior is depicted as either an aberration or business as usual, rather

than the destructive end product of a system that rewards such activities.

Witness the Fortune 500 CEO pay scales and the ruinous results of their

corporate policies for the Earth and most of her inhabitants. But, of

course, you won’t find those suits doing time in Leavenworth eating bologna

sandwiches waiting for their trial date; there is no trial date. To keep

the wheels of the marketplace grinding over the biosphere and the bodies of

the unwashed, the Fortune 500 greedheads and their minions in government are

not judged a danger to the public and sent to prison without bail. We won’t

hold our collective breath waiting for the corporados to come before the

bench, just as we don’t expect the corporado media to report on the

capitalist elephant taking a dump in the middle of the press room. The

acceptable news must also be diluted to 1% of its intended strength. After

all, we can’t have all those sufferers up and about in the streets demanding

anything as outrageous as justice.

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