Fur Show Sends Mixed Message

In Kansas City, Missouri, the anti-domestic violence group
"S.T.A.N.D.U.P." (Stop the Abuse Now–Develop Universal Peace) is
conducting a fur fashion show—complete with a fur coat raffle—as part of
its "Goddess Gala" special event. While rightly standing up for the rights
of women and children, STANDUP is unfortunately promoting the inhumane
treatment of animals for fashion.


Animal activists can take this opportunity to reach out to other social
justice movements by pointing out this contradiction. Send your polite
requests to drop the fur show to: Lori@stand-up.org or Tina@stand-up.org
or call them at 913-599-7965.

For more information on the Goddess Gala,
see: http://www.stand-up.org/galadetails.cfm

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