Help Stop Oregon’s Cougar Killing “Study.”

The State of Oregon is proceeding with a plan to conduct a

study that would kill up to 32 mountain lions in two study

areas to determine if reducing mountain lions would affect

declining elk populations. This is despite an overwhelming

number of public comments against such an outrageous

proposal. This so-called study is a thinly veiled ruse to

artificially manipulate game populations for the benefit of

human hunters.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a finding of No

Significant Impact under the National Environmental Policy

Act for the study. Money for the program is expected to be

comprised of 75% federal Wildlife Restoration Program funds.

The news release from USF&W can be found here. View the

Environmental Assessment here.

A group of concerned conservation groups – Save Our

Forest And Ranchlands, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center,

Predator Conservation Alliance, Mountain Lion Foundation,

Animal Protection Institute, and The Fund for Animals – has

banded together to actively oppose this atrocity

What you can do:

Please write letters immediately to the US Fish and Wildlife

Service, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, Senator Ron Wyden and

Senator Gordon Smith expressing your outrage and asking

that they actively oppose this waste of tax dollars for a

murderous and unnecessary “study.” Time is of the essence!

Bruce Johnson

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

1401 Gekeler Lane

La Grande, OR 97850

Phone: 541/962-6556

Fax: 541/962-6504

Department of the Interior

US Fish and Wildlife Service

911 NE 11th Ave.

Portland, OR 97232-4181

Phone: 503/231-6121

Fax: 503/231-2122

Contact: Verlyn Ebert, Federal Aid Office,

Phone: 503/231-6128


Governor John Kitzhaber

State Capitol

Salem, OR 97301

Phone: 503/378-5482

Fax: 503/378-4863

Senator Ron Wyden

516 Hart Office Bldg.

Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202/224-5244

Fax: 202/228-2717

Senator Gordon Smith

404 Russell Bldg.

Washington, DC 20510

Phone: 202/224-3753

Fax: 202/228-3997


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