Killing For Radio Ratings

Clear Channel Communications, Inc. is one of

the largest media chains in the country. Recently, its radio stations

have been responsible for numerous acts of on-air animal cruelty,

including the slaughter of a steer in Virginia and a stunt in Colorado

where a live hen was dropped from a 3rd story window.

On February 27, one of the corporation’s radio stations in

Tampa FL orchestrated the most deplorable stunt to date. “Bubba the Love

Sponge” (aka Todd Clem), a DJ from WXTB-98 Rock, presided over the

castration and subsequent killing of a squealing pig on the air. All of

this was done without anaesthesia in the presence of a Tampa Police


In Florida, any person who intentionally commits an act to any animal

which results in the “cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of

unnecessary pain or suffering, or causes the same to be done” is guilty of

felony animal cruelty ( F.S. 828.12). Although there appears to be a

clear violation of the state’s anti-cruelty laws and agricultural zoning

laws, the Tampa Bay police department has failed to take action!


  1. Let Clear Channel Communications know that you expect

    them to instate a clear policy AGAINST illegal and inhumane acts of

    cruelty for all of their stations! Contact: Lowry Mays, Chairman and CEO

    of Clear Channel Communications, Inc. , Corporate Offices, 200 E. Basse

    Rd. , San Antonio, TX 78209 / ph: 210-822-2828/ fax: 210-822-2299 /

  2. Remind the Tampa Police Department of their

    obligation to enforce the state’s anti-cruelty laws! Contact: Sargent

    Ambraz, Tampa Police Department,3818 W. Tampa Bay Blvd., Tampa, FL 33614 /

    ph: 813-354-6600 / fax: 813-354-6670 / send email through their website:

  3. Ask the district attorney in Tampa to

    prosecute Mr. Clem to the fullest extent possible under the law! Contact:

    Mark A. Ober, State Attorney – 13th Judicial Circuit, 800 East Kennedy

    Blvd., Tampa, FL 33602 / ph: 813-274-1902 / send an email through (press the “feedback” button on the left).

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