NAACP Satisfied As Supreme Court Abandons Ruling On Affirmative Action

Calling it the appropriate decision, Kweisi Mfume, NAACP

President & CEO, said the NAACP is satisfied that the U.S.

Supreme Court today opted not to rule on a major affirmative

action case involving federal contracts set aside for minority


Mfume said: “The Supreme Court made the right choice in

dropping its plans to issue another ruling on the Adarand

case. As it now stands, Adarand is more than adequate as a

legal decree for the federal government to continue to

vigorously support affirmative action.”

Opponents of affirmative action were hoping the high court

would use the new case to eliminate the federal

government’s affirmative action programs that award highway

contracts to minority-owned businesses. In August, President

Bush directed the Justice Department to defend the concept

of affirmative action in Adarand Construction Inc. v. Mineta,

which was argued before the justices last month. The Bush

administration cited “extensive evidence of public and private

discrimination” in the award of these contracts.

Mfume said: “The promise of equal opportunity is a right of all

Americans. All Americans, irrespective of race, should have

every reason to believe that their government will work to

ensure a level playing field for all people in the areas of

commerce, employment and education.”

The Adarand Construction, Inc., case was initiated in 1990

by the highway construction firm based in Colorado and

owned by a white man who sued over a program that set

aside construction contracts for minority businesses.

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