Norway Wants To Make Killing A Tourist Attraction

Every March, the ice floes in Norway are bloodied as hunters bludgeon and

skin baby harp seals for their fur. The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade

reports that approximately 80% of the seals killed are just weeks old, and

that because of the inaccuracy of clubbing, many of the seals are fully

conscious when their skin is ripped from their bodies.

On Tuesday

(11/06), The Guardian reported that Norway’s fisheries minister, worried

that local hunters aren’t meeting their killing quota, has proposed making

the seal hunt an “exclusive,” international tourist attraction. When

interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper, the minister said, “Seal hunting on

the wild Norwegian coast should be sold as an exclusive product to

tourists. . . this could be a big hit. . . we have to take out more



Write Norway’s Tourist Board and tell them that you will not spend your

tourist dollars in a country that promotes animal cruelty as a tourist


Send your letters to:

Norwegian Tourist Board

P.O. Box 2893 Solli

Drammensveien 40

NO-0230 Oslo



fax: 011-47-22-56-05-05.

Please cc your letters to:

Svein Ludvigsen, Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries

P.O. Box 8118 Dep

0032 Oslo



Fax: 011-47-22-24- 95-85.

(Please note: postage to Norway is $1.60)

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