Panza: Flying Under the Radar #AnimalRescue #Goat

Panza: Flying Under the Radar

Like the other goats from the Hudson Valley rescue (one year ago this week), Panza arrived at Farm Sanctuary in bad shape. She had thick scabbing all over her body where she had scratched herself raw from the lice and mange that they all suffered from.

Panza was a scrawny lady when she arrived but with worming and good food she quickly filled out.

Panza is a beautiful LaMancha goat

Although she does not thrive on human attention, she will gladly take a pet or two if you are supplying them. Here with Volunteer Program Coordinator Kameke Brown.

Out in the field she seems to fly solo but she is actually friends with eveyrone

Bruce adores his aunt Panza and loves to lie in the sun with her.

Skinny Panza when she first arrived.

Her magnificent beard is just one of her beautiful qualities.



Covered in thick scabs, this poor girl had scratched herself raw due to untreated external parasites. 


Thick scabs covered her body and needed treatment, even beyond dealing with the parasites that caused the condition.

Panza also seemed to be alone. She seemed to have no specific attachment to the other goats, even the other LaManchas (which is Panza’s breed). She liked them and they liked her, but she was not always with them in the way that they were always with each other.


Hanging with her goat family from the rescue, Panza really never got too close to any one goat. 

We don’t know if her people had died (the remains of multiple animals were found on the property); even during the rescue, she remained separate from the other groups of goats, and did not seem to run with the others. She has since grown quite close to her pals Cynthia (though Cynthia’s likely daughter Shannon is a bit standoffish to her), and of course loves the young Bruce, who is the baby of the group.


Since moving into the sheep barn, she has bonded with Cynthia (and of course with the cutest son of Cynthia, Bruce). 

Named for Sancho Panza, the clever sidekick of Don Quixote, Panza is a very humorous character, but not the leading goat lady of the herd.


Bruce loves his Panza!!

She was always the quiet one — the one who really did not seem to want to stand out, but who did silly, funny, and very endearing things that make her the very special girl that she is.


Always the curious goofball, Panza definitely makes us laugh with her endearing facial expressions. 

She has a crazy run that looks more like she is dancing down the hill in a state of pure joy, which seems to be her mental state most of the time since her arrival at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter.


Showing pure joy coming in from pasture, Panza and fellow Hudson Valley survivors Shannon (next in line), Cynthia (behind Shannon), and Jennifer and Roger (in the background) prance down the hill. 

She is a worshiper of the sun and spends hours lying in front of the barn when the sun is directly on her. She falls sound asleep


Sleeping in the sun — favorite pastime for this worshiper. 

She is not one to run up for attention, but she is a great friend to all her goat people. Humans, she can take or leave.


Giving the profile shot!

She does not try to obtain a dominant position, but instead wants to just be a pal — like everyone’s Auntie Panza — and because of that behavior, she is rarely seen in a scuffle.


Panza, out on pasture, still bears some of the scars from her former home.  

So like all animals here at our sanctuaries, Panza is individual and special — the thinker and the quiet member of the group — and we are so happy to know this adorable, sweet girl for the amazing goat that she is.


Please share Panza’s story. Together, we can raise awareness that goats like her are each someone, not something, deserving of love, care, and respect. With your support, we can continue to promote compassionate vegan living through rescue, education, and advocacy efforts. A compassionate world begins with you!


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