Poultry Company Condemns Chickens To Death By Starvation

Just months after workers at the Empresas Picú poultry company in Puerto
Rico were filmed beating and strangling thousands of "excess" chickens to
death, another massive cruelty is unfolding. Thousands of chickens are now
literally starving to death after Empresas Picú poultry filed for
bankruptcy and stopped supplying food for the 182 poultry farmers caring
for their birds.

Current reports are that the chickens, trapped in cages
with no food or water, are killing and cannibalizing each other to stay
alive. Despite this unspeakable suffering, the company refuses to grant
the birds the mercy of humane euthanasia, instead forcing a cruel, slow
death by starvation on thousands of trapped animals.


  1. Ask the secretary of Puerto Rico's Agriculture Department to intervene
    by requiring Empresas Picú to immediately implement the most humane
    gas-killing method available for the remaining birds.
    Secretary of the Puerto Rico Agriculture Department Luis Rivero Cubano
    Ph: 787-722-0871
    Fax: 787-723-8512
    email: lrivero@da.gobierno.pr
    Be sure to remind him that bludgeoning, neck-wringing, or starvation are
    inhumane and unacceptable.

  2. Contact the local prosecutor and request that animal cruelty charges
    be filed against all those responsible for the current, mass starvation of
    chickens at Empresas Picú:
    Aibonito District Attorney José Ramirez

    Apartado P.O. Box 2030
    Aibonita, PR 00705
    Ph: 787-735-6466
    Fax: 787-735-2010

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