Senate Passes Humane Slaughter Resolution

On Tuesday (07/31) the U.S. Senate also took steps to halt inhumane

practices in the nation’s slaughterhouses by unanimously passing The

Humane Slaughter Resolution, introduced earlier in the year by Sen. Peter

Fitzgerald (D-IL).

The Resolution calls upon the U.S. Department of

Agriculture (USDA) to fully enforce The Humane Slaughter Act of 1958,

which requires that animals be rendered insensible to pain before they are


A recent investigative series by the Washington Post

revealed what many animal activists have long contended: that violations

of the Humane Slaughter Act are rampant and frequently go unpunished. The

latest Senate vote is part of a combined legislative effort to reform

cruel agricultural practices.

Within the last few weeks, Senator Robert

Byrd (D-WV) Chair of the Appropriations Committee, has taken bold steps to

secure funding for Humane Slaughter Act enforcement. His recent

amendments to the FY2001 Supplemental Appropriations Act and to the FY2002 Agriculture Appropriations Act seek an extra $3.5 million for

enforcement of the Humane Slaughter Act.

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