Stop Pointless Animal Tests

Animal activists were heartened in late 1999

when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in response to public

pressure, called for several positive changes in its High Production

Volume (HPV) testing program. Sadly, the first few test plans submitted to

the EPA under this program do not comply with these changes. Perhaps the

most egregious is the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) plan to kill

thousands of animals in a series of patently unnecessary toxicity tests of

butane, propane, and coal dust. By API’s own admission, these chemicals

are already well-characterized, and butane and propane are known to be

relatively nontoxic. Yet the API’s plan includes a call for acute toxicity

tests, in which animals will be poisoned with huge levels of these


WHAT YOU CAN DO: Please tell API not to subject more animals to senseless

tests on these already well-characterized substances. More animal

experimentation will not provide any meaningful information!

Red Cavaney, President

The American Petroleum Institute

1220 L St. N.W.

Washington, DC 20005

fax: 202- 682-8110



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