Stop the Killing of Endangered Eagles on National Park Lands

The National Park Service has proposed a rule that would

allow the Hopi Indian Tribe to enter Wupatki National

Monument in Arizona and take golden eagle nestlings for

ritual religious sacrifice. Public comments will be accepted

until March 23, 2001, and your letters are urgently needed

to stop the killing of endangered eaglets on lands where

they are supposed to be protected. Please send your letters


Kym Hall

National Park Service

1849 C Street, NW

Washington, DC 20240

You may wish to make the following points in your letter:

  • The National Park System should provide safe refuges

    and sanctuaries for wildlife.

  • Religous observances should be respected, but they

    should not provide excuses for violating federal laws

    such as the Endangered Species Act.

  • This rule will open the floodgates, subjecting more

    animals and parks to the traditions of other special

    interest groups.

Thank you for letting the National Park Service know that

this proposal is unacceptable.

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