Urgent Action Needed On Puppy Mill Bill

Reports from Capitol Hill indicate that in the past few weeks, the puppy

mill industry has mobilized its forces to defeat S. 1478, the Puppy

Protection Act. They are spreading false information about the

legislation. We must counteract the opposition’s flood of letters and

phone calls to Senate offices, and offer expressions of SUPPORT for

S.1478. This legislation is needed to relieve the suffering of dogs and

puppies in puppy mills across the nation. Dogs on puppy mills suffer from

overbreeding, inadequate veterinary care, lack of socialization, and a

laundry list of other problems.

Please call your two U.S. Senators today

and ask them to support S. 1478, the Santorum-Durbin Puppy Protection Act.

You can reach your Senators through the Capitol Switchboard at

202-224-3121. If you don’t know who your U.S. Senators are, go to

www.senate.gov or call The HSUS at 202-955-3666.

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