What’s Next: Food & Anti-GE Activism in a Time of Crisis

Despite pro-active moves by the White House and agbiotech interests in

the wake of Sept. 11 and the war in Afghanistan, the embattled Biotech

Century remains stillborn. Fast Track has fizzled, at least for the

moment. European and Asian politicians still recognize that trying to

force untested and unlabeled American and Canadian Frankenfoods down

the throats of consumers’ amounts to political suicide. And even Bush

and the global cheerleaders for unfettered Free Trade recognize that

using the WTO as a hammer to force GMOs on global Civil Society could

destroy the entire WTO agenda. In other words no one seems to be

buying the idea that it’s your patriotic duty to be a human guinea

pig-that we must all shut up and eat our Frankenfoods, that we must

get over our queasiness about filthy meat, pesticides, hormones, toxic

sludge, agricultural sweatshops, world hunger, greenhouse gas

emissions from an evermore globalized and industrial food system, and

Mad Cow.

In fact, since Sept. 11, there are signs that consumers are more

concerned than ever about what they are feeding their children and

themselves. In Japan a Mad Cow crisis grips the country, while even

in the US government authorities seem spooked by a Mad Cow-like

disease (Chronic Wasting Disease) spreading rapidly among wild and

domesticated deer and elk. In the US people are eating out less and

cooking at home more. Organic foods worldwide are booming, while food

security and world hunger are moving from the back burner of public

consciousness to the forefront. In the next issue of BioDemocracy

News we will look more closely at the global crisis over food safety

and food security. In the meantime stay tuned to our website for

daily news and Action Alerts: www.organicconsumers.org

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