WWF Statement on the 2020 Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard

In response to the launch of the 2020 Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard, World Wildlife Fund issued the following statement from Jason Clay, SVP Markets:

“In the past decade, we’ve seen companies wake up to the destructive impacts of palm oil production. The biggest brands know they simply can’t keep doing business as usual. The risks—both to reputation and supply stability—are too great.

Fixing palm oil sourcing is a complex problem. We know what the solutions look like, but adapting and implementing them will take time, innovation, capital, and a willingness to work together. And unfortunately, most companies are still hesitant to take that leap, especially if they think they can do it alone. Platforms like the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil are critical because they convene companies to address sustainability as a pre-competitive issue and drive sustainability across entire sectors. Going forward, we also need to evaluate the impact of different tools businesses can use like long-term contracts to drive sustainability on the ground.”

Visit the interactive Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard website, which includes tools to view which brands are taking action and which are falling short.

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