Happy #FathersDayWeekend to Patrick! Second time’s a good-luck…

Happy #FathersDayWeekend to Patrick! 

Second time’s a good-luck charm for not-always-so-saintly Patrick. This dear lad has recently settled down into the parent his twin daughters, Marilyn and Ingrid, so desperately needed after the passing of their mother, Delilah. 

As we’ve  previously mentioned, Patrick was not the ideal husband and father the girls needed. He had some anger issues. He would assert his dominance by butting — and with those giant horns, this was not a pleasant experience for anyone other than Patrick. So Delilah and Patrick were separated early on.

But our bearded buddy has tamed down over time. We decided to place him with the twins after Delilah passed and we’d combined three small herds into one. We were thrilled to see Patrick rise to the challenge and become the father his daughters never had for the very first time in their lives, when they were in most need of comfort.

At Farm Sanctuary, Patrick is valued for who he is as a friend and father.

Most male animals raised in the food industry
are only used for breeding. They would rarely if ever have a chance to even
meet their families. 

Thanks to our supporters, they will live full lives together, free from harm as all animals deserve.  Help us honor Patrick, one of Farm Sanctuary’s distinguished dad. Together, we can encourage awareness and understanding about the rich emotional lives of sheep. We can make a difference for all farm animals. With your support we can continue to promote compassionate, vegan living through rescue,education, and advocacy efforts. A compassionate world begins with you!

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